Please keep in mind mashing can take a LONG time depending on your device. Sounds crazy but sometimes it'll take hours if you have an older or slower device.

Step 1: Select to start a mash

While you're viewing your calendar tap on the film strip icon on the top right. This will open your mashing options. You can do this in a Classic timeline or a Freestyle timeline.

Step 2: Select the Mash option

There are three ways to mash a video. Month, Year, and Custom. Select your preferred option and the process will start automatically.

Step 3: Wait

You will be able to view the progress of your mashed video in your phone's notification window. Once done, it will offer a link to view your video within 1SE. From there you can also share your video out using the default share window provided by Android.

TIP: If nothing is happening. Please go to the 1SE settings and flip the switch on "hardware compile". This works for most folks.

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