A Classic project is what you start with when you open 1SE. It's the "OG" 1SE calendar. The Classic project allows you to select one second every day on your calendar. This second can be from a photo or video. 

Don't forget, you can make multiple Classic projects. Some folks have one for each family member, pets, school, or exercise. Whatever works for you.

Tap on the top left arrow to edit your projects. This is where you can delete projects, rename them, or make new ones. When you delete a project, all the seconds are also deleted and this isn't undoable. BE CAREFUL!

Finally, there's also Freestyle projects, which are great for trips, weddings, and DIY projects. To learn more about how to use Freestyle projects please go here.

TIP: Your calendar automatically expands as you use 1SE. Growing with each new day.

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