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Why does 1SE ask for so many permissions?
Why does 1SE ask for so many permissions?

How come 1SE asks for permissions or access to my phone?

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1SE asks for a couple things in order to properly function.

  1. Identity: 1SE needs this to find your Google accounts for login

  2. Location: This allows geolocation on your seconds. We add it to your Freestyle seconds.

  3. Photos/Media/Files: 1SE uses your Videos and Photos in order to select a second from them.

  4. Camera: If you want to record a video in 1SE, the app needs access to the camera.

  5. Other fun stuff: 1SE will ask for full network access (this is to send any important notifications or banners about 1SE), run at startup, prevent the phone from going to sleep, and use your credentials. 

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