Our updating syncing process can take some time with the first time you update the app. This was updated to help address missing data issues that were coming up over time.

A quick preface to what's going on. We backup 1SE on your Google Drive account and save your snippets locally on your device. To do this backup we have to use the Google Play Services app. This is the app that all other apps use when syncing with your Google account. It's also how your gmail syncs, your search history, calendar, and more. There is no other option for us to do this. Because it's used by many apps, we have to get in line and wait. 1SE does not have an express pass to jump the line. The 1SE app sends a request to synchronize and has to wait.

So what can you do?
First thing is make sure your Google Play Services is up to date. You can do a quick search for it on your device or on the Play Store.

Second thing is to make sure you're connected to solid wifi and let you device sync over night. Because of how Google Play Services works, it usually takes a couple times of syncing.

Ok, that didn't work, what now?

Couple things to try out if it's just not working at all or missing a few snippets.

  1. Force synchronization - Go to your 1SE settings, and force sync. This tries to push the process forward. But again, we have to wait for Google Play Services. You should see a visual progress bar within 1SE and ALSO in your notification center.
  2. Log out - Go to your 1SE settings, log out and delete the local data. This doesn't delete the files on your Drive BUT starts fresh by wiping the slate clean with 1SE. This will ask you to log back into your Drive account and then start syncing again.
  3. Clear the Google Play Services app - This is is similar to the option above, but wipes the slate clean with Google. It deletes all the cached files. So your search history, and whatever files are back logged with Google syncing. By clearing this data it jump starts Google syncing. Detailed steps on this below:

How to clear your Google Play Services data:

  1. Go to your application manager (usually in your device's settings, sometimes just called "Applications")
  2. Then go to the Google Play Services app
  3. Then Storage
  4. Next tap "Clear Cache" 
  5. Then finally go to "Manage Storage" and tap "Clear all Data"
  6. Now go back into 1SE, select the Google account, and force sync.

As you can tell there's a lot of moving parts around syncing with Drive. We're rebuilding our Android version this year to address this. Moving away from using a 3rd party to sync with and instead, storing these files on our secure servers (AWS servers). This will allow us to better support, debug, and evolve the syncing process. Sorry it's been so bumpy, we're working on make this much better.

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