Sometimes you just want to set up that new phone... as a new phone! Or Apple tells you the only way to get around a problem you are having is to restore to factory settings without utilizing a backup.

1SE is stored locally on your device , within the app.  If you are keeping your device backed up with itunes or icloud - and are able to restore from either of those backups, then pack your bags and move on- you are good to go!

This article will explain how to use itunes as a hub to move your 1SE content to your desktop (or any location on your computer you wish), and manually load that content into your new / restored device , into a fresh copy of the 1SE app.

Saving your 1SE documents

  1. Connect your device to a computer running iTunes, and select the phone icon in itunes:

2.  Select file sharing from the column on the left.

3. Select 1SE app

4. Select all the files that populate in the window on the right (you will likely have to scroll waaaaaay down to get them all)- and press "Save to..." :

5. Choose the location where to save (we chose our desktop)- THEN Create a NEW FOLDER:

6. Name that folder something special, and tap "CREATE" :

7. Then Tap "Save To" :

8. Once your files finish saving to your computer- disconnect your old device and connect your new one.  Again, tap the phone icon, then file sharing , and select 1SE - but THIS time , click on the "Add..." button in the window on the right:

7.  Choose the folder you created earlier:

8. Select all the contents within- and press the "ADD" button. 

Once all that fun stuff copies over, you are done! Open the app and enjoy!

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