Sometimes you just want to set up that new phone... as a new phone! Or Apple tells you the only way to get around a problem you are having is to restore to factory settings without utilizing a backup.

1SE is stored locally on your device, within the app. If you are keeping your device backed up with iTunes or iCloud - and are able to restore from either of those backups, then pack your bags and move on- you are good to go! If you have a PRO subscription and back up your videos to our servers, this is how you can restore them on your new phone.

This article will explain how to use iTunes as a hub to move your 1SE content to your desktop (or any location on your computer you wish), and manually load that content into your new/restored device, into a fresh copy of the 1SE app.

Saving your 1SE documents to your computer

  1. Connect your device to a computer running iTunes, and select the phone icon in iTunes:

2.  Select file sharing from the column on the left.

3. Select 1SE app:

4. Select all the files that populate in the window on the right (you will likely have to scroll way down to get them all)- and press "Save to..." :

5. Choose the location where to save (we chose our desktop)- then create a NEW FOLDER:

6. Name that folder something special, and tap "Create" :

7. Then Tap "Save To" :

Moving your files to your new iPhone

  1. Once your files finish saving to your computer- disconnect your old device and connect your new one. Again, tap the phone icon, then file sharing, and select 1SE - but this time, click on the "Add..." button in the window on the right:

2.  Choose the folder you created earlier:

3. Select all the contents within- and press the "Add" button:

Once all that fun stuff copies over, you are done! Open the app and enjoy!

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