Due to the outpouring of support we received this year from downloads, PRO subscribers, and more, we were finally able to go FREE! This is something we have been pushing towards for quite some time, and we're so excited to release the update. But of course, there will be plenty of questions along the way so read below to learn more about what this means for you.

Current users

Did you download prior to our December 18th release?* Don't worry! Your app will stay exactly the same. Nothing will be taken away and put behind a paywall. You will be grandfathered into a few settings like 1.5 seconds, unlimited projects, and two snippets a day. This does not include Pro features.

New users

If you downloaded after December 18th,* you got the app for free! Woohoo! However, the ability to add super seconds, a second snippet to each day, and multiple projects are now PRO features. To try out these features and more from Pro, start a 14-day trial by upgrading your account here.

Pro users

If you've upgraded to PRO, besides all of our love and appreciation, you get the ability to create as many projects as you need, unlimited backup of all your projects, longer snippets up to 3 seconds, the option to add a second snippet to each day, music editor with access to royalty-free tracks, brightness and volume control of your individual snippets, and the possibility to remove 1SE branding from your mashed videos. 

*Version 2.2

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