Due to the outpouring of support we received this year from downloads, PRO subscribers, and more, we were finally able to go FREE! This is something we have been pushing towards for quite some time, and we're so excited to release the update.

We are incredibly thankful for our legacy users because you allowed us to reach where we are today. This is why we tried to make sure that you were grandfathered into the same features you’ve always enjoyed. Nothing removed or put behind a paywall. 

Unfortunately, in the midst of all the excitement, a bug slipped into our code and we weren’t able to identify it before publishing to the AppStore. This is the reason why some of you are now unable to use features you already had access to such as 1.5s snippets, adding a second snippet, and creating new projects.

We apologize for the inconvenience this might be causing, but rest assured that we will fix it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we want to make sure you’re able to continue saving your precious memories as you’re used to so you can look back at them for the New Year. This is why we will be comping you through the Holidays until the fix is released. This means that if you create an account with us and let us know what email address you used to create it, we will give you full access to all our PRO features. This way you won’t get behind on creating your mashes, plus you will be able to enjoy some cool extras such as adding music or adjusting the volume.

We really want to make things right and show you how much we value our community. If you’ve been affected by this bug and are interested, please contact us here.*

Happy Holidays!

*To help us fix this quicker please contact us from within the app’s Settings > Contact Support so that your usage log is attached.

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