We're so excited to announce that we've finally released the option to add your own music to your mashed videos! Yes, we listened to your feedback and worked very hard on making this a possibility so now your beautiful videos are more unique than ever.

To do so, just add music as you normally do and tap on "My Music". You'll be taken to the Music app. Here's the full video tutorial:

There are a couple of things worth paying attention to. In order to protect copyrighted material, music labels use DRM technology that prevents songs from being illegally used or distributed. You can read more about it here.

This means that you cannot add music you don't own, for example, music from your Library that you have downloaded using your Apple Music subscription. You'll need to purchase the song from the iTunes store to be able to add it to your mashes. 

Please note that you'll need to download the song you want to use to your device—this means that you can't add music stored in iCloud.

We'd love to see your mashes using your own music! Remember to tag your videos on social media using #1SEme for a chance to be featured.

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