It's time to move you over to our new Alpha app. When our newest Android app is released, it will be a clean break and your data will be migrated over. To ensure your data is transferred successfully, please follow these steps.

How to Move to the New Alpha

  1. Head over to settings in your current alpha build, make sure you are signed in, and complete a backup.
  2. Accept our invitation to test the new app by clicking here.
  3. Open Google Play or click here on your phone and install the new app. 
  4. Sign into the new app with the same 1SE account, and restore the latest backup.
  5. Start testing!

How to Send Feedback

Shake your phone to submit a screenshot of what you're looking at and write your feedback. Though we don't respond to everyone, we read all of it. If you're having trouble or need a reply, contact and mention that you're using the Android alpha. There's also a (?) icon on the calendar screen that you can tap to send us feedback.

Thank you for helping us improve our app—we couldn't do this without you! 

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