We're super excited to announce that the brand new Android app is finally here! 

After a long time and hard work, we're very happy to offer you this totally revamped experience on Android. This new app was coded from scratch, leaving behind the issues you might have encountered with the old app and including all the features the Android app has missed out in the past. It also offers our PRO subscription, so you can now enjoy the awesome features that come with it.

This new app represents a fresh start for both our users and us. This means that, unfortunately, due to technical limitations, there's no way to transfer the snippets from the old app to the new one. 

We encourage everyone who wishes to keep working on the same projects to create a final mashed video on the old app containing all the snippets in each of these and start fresh on the new app. Learn how to create your mashed video here. If the video is failing to compile, this article might be helpful

You can use any video editing app such as Adobe Premiere to stitch together the final mashed videos with future ones created on the new app.

We're really sorry for any inconvenience!

Rest assured this new Android app is the best possible experience you've ever had with 1SE. Click here to download it NOW!!! 📲

Thanks for sticking around with us! 💗

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