You can set daily reminders to make sure you add a video to your 1SE without missing a day.

On the iOS app

Go to the Profile tab > Settings (gear icon at the top right) > Daily Reminders.

On the Android app

Go to the app's Settings (gear icon at the top right of the calendar) > Daily Reminders.

After you enable "Daily Reminders" you'll be able to select when to receive notifications: morning, afternoon, evening, or/and a custom time (you can have multiple reminders per day).

You can also choose what kind of reminders to receive: facts, inspiration, quotes, reminders, tips, or/and any custom message (you can select all of them).

Please note that if you've already added a second for a day before the scheduled time of your notification, you won't receive a reminder that day. Also, we schedule 14 days of reminders at a time, so if you don't open the app in a 14-day span you will stop receiving reminders.

A couple of tips:

  • If you're using an iPhone and its screen size doesn't allow you to see the entire notification message and your device supports 3D Touch, you can long-press on the banner to show the complete text.
  • If you like a quote from the reminders and want to save it, reach out to us through the app's Settings > Contact Support and include the quote or some parts of it (if you don't remember the complete quote) so we can help you find it.
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