The best way to get started is by selecting a couple of seconds for the previous week. You can always go back and delete the ones you don't like—this gets you comfortable with 1SE and having fun right away!

Go into any day with a camera icon on it—this tells you there's a video that you can select for that day. The last available day is always today.

Once inside a day, you have a couple of great options. You can add a second (or two if you have a PRO subscription) or write in your journal. We're going to cover selecting a second of video. Tap the blue square that says, "ADD UP TO TWO SNIPPETS."

You'll now see our media picker, which shows all the videos and photos you have available. We prioritize videos from that day by putting them at the top. You can see the videos for Tuesday, October 1st 2019, in the example. You can also open the camera to record a video with the icon at the top right of this screen.

Once you've selected a video you want to use, you'll see our snippet selector screen—this allows you to do a ton of great stuff with your video like "Rotate," "Crop To Fill," and more.

You can use the arrows on both sides of the video scrubber to go frame by frame to find that perfect moment. Remember, you can preview your second by pressing the "Preview" button on the bottom left.

Once you have found that perfect moment, tap the blue "Trim" button on the bottom right to save the second.

Once you've selected your second, it'll be saved and automatically favorited.

You can always replace or delete a second by tapping the ellipsis (...) icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the thumbnail.


TIP: Add a caption or location info to help remember that moment.


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