In our Android app, when adding a video taken from 3rd party app like Snapchat, you may get any of these error messages "Unable to process video: Video length should not exceed 10 minutes" or "Unable to Load Metadata":

The error is due to the problematic codec used on those apps.

Our team is aware of this problem, and we're working on making 1SE encode these videos better. However, in the meantime, there is a workaround, so you can still use these videos.

Please download the free app Adobe Premiere Rush and re-export the video for 1SE to use it.

  1. Download Adobe Premiere Rush here
  2. Make a new project in it of the video you want to use,
  3. Export the video (the top-right icon for sharing). Pick 1080p,
  4. Give it a minute to save it to your gallery,
  5. Open 1SE and select this video.

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