Couple things could be going on here. It's best to try each of these in order to address the compiling issue.

  1. Check your Google Play Services app... this is the app we use to sync with your Drive account. Sometimes this doesn't get updated and causes a bunch of issues. 
  2. This could just be a firmware hiccup. Which sadly happens on Android sometimes. Please try a hard restart of your phone and try to mash again. Turn it off and then back on basically.
  3. Make sure you have space available on your device. You'll need around 3mb per second for HD video and this should be on the device, not an SD card (we're working on adding SD card support soon!).
  4. The last idea, try to toggle on/off HARDWARE COMPILE in the settings. Press and hold on the “OTHER” heading inside the settings menu of 1SE if you don't see this option. Some devices don't automatically show it. Here's a step by step guide for using these options.

Please know, we're working on updating the compiling process in order to run more smoothly in the future.

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