To support the thousands of variations of Android devices and operating systems as a video app, we've created extra advanced options. These options are hidden in the "Other" section in the 1SE settings. Simply press and hold on this subhead to reveal the options.

The options revealed vary by device manufacturer but here is a list:

  1. Hardware Compile: This could help those having trouble mashing a video. If your video is stalling give this a try.
  2. Advanced Clipping Screen: This helps some folks who are having trouble selecting a second.
  3. Fix Green Line: If your mashed video is showing a green line or an oddity like blurred lines, this is for you.

We're working on a new build that brings some of these fixes into the system automatically.

TIP: Make sure you have available space locally on your phone to mash a video (NOT an SD card or Drive).

TIP: If you're not able to save a second, it could be due to no available space on your Drive account. Double check there.

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