We are really excited to be adding a music feature to 1SE this year!

In the meantime, the 1SE team, uses Apple's iMOVIE to add music to our mashes. It's free and available on your desktop and mobile devices. Download iMovie here

How do I add music in iMovie?

Apple has a pretty in-depth guide on adding audio from many sources to a video. Please reference it here.

The quick steps for adding music are these:

  1. With your project open, tap the Add Media button"+", then tap Audio.
  2. To find music previously synced to your device from your computer, tap Theme Music or any one of the listed categories.
  3. To listen to the music before adding it, tap the item.
  4. To add the music to your movie project, tap the item, then tap Use.

Background music clips are colored green in the timeline. If you add a song that’s less than 1 minute long, it behaves the same as a sound effect in the project and is colored blue in the timeline.

TIP: By default, iMovie automatically loops background music to fit the length of your movie. You can add multiple songs as background music, but iMovie automatically arranges them to play one song at a time. You can also manually adjust the length if you want.

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