First, please make sure you have enough space on your device to make your video. A lot of factors go into play with the TOTAL amount of free space need. A good rule of thumb is for a year of 1SE you need to have around 3Gb of space. The actual final file will be smaller, but our app needs space to build the final file.

Step 1: Select to start a mash

While you're viewing your calendar tap on the blue play icon on the bottom right. This will open your mashing options. You can do this in a Classic timeline or a Freestyle timeline.

Step 2: Select the Mash option

There are three ways to mash a video. All, presets, and custom. In this tutorial, we're covering the first two mash option. Select "All" or "Preset" and hit "Continue".

TIP: Preset options allow you to easily mash set periods of time. Days, Months, Years, or Presets for Social networks.

Once you've decided on the length you can also choose to have the video go "Forward" or "Backward". Forward is the default and most common way. Finally, tap Continue and the app will do the rest.

Step 3: Share Your Video

Once your video is mashed you have the option to share or just save your video. Keep in mind the mashing time depends on your device and length of time you're mashing.

As you can see, we give you the most common social networks to share our your new 1SE video on. You also have the option on the bottom to Keep or Delete your movie after sharing.

TIP: You do NOT have to wait until the year is over to mash your video!  

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