In this tutorial we'll show how easy it is to share a snippet with 1 Second Everyday on our iOS version. There's also a video, link above, that goes step by step through this process also.

Step 1: Sharing your second

While your viewing your second of a day, tap on the share icon on the middle right side. This will open the share window.

Step 2: So many options


Let's see what your second would look like looping. Tap on the eye icon mentioned above to preview what your looping second would look like. Pretty cool right?

Step 3: Share away!

Now you've seen the looping second; it's time to share it. There're the social networks to share on or you can make a gif and use it in a ton of places. This depends on what apps are installed on your device but you can always just copy or save the gif if you're unsure. That's it, super easy. Now get sharing!

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