We're working on making 1SE encode these videos better but in the meantime there is a work around so you can still use these important videos!

Please download the free app Adobe Premiere Clip and re-export the video. 1SE will then have an easier time using it.

Download Adobe Premiere Clip here

Step 1: Make a new project in Adobe Clips of the video you want to use

Step 2: Pick from where ever your video is saved

Step 3: Select Freeform for the type of project

Step 4: Export the video (top right icon for sharing). 

Step 5: Pick 1080p resolution

Step 6: Give it a minute to save it to your gallery

Step 7: Open 1SE and select a second using this new video!

All done! Your video should now save without any weird stretching or scaling.

Download Adobe Premiere Clip here

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