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Why is my 1SE video receiving copyright claims?
Why is my 1SE video receiving copyright claims?

My video is being flagged on social media. What can I do?

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We've had a few reports of copyright claims over videos shared to YouTube, Instagram and other social media outlets, what a bummer!

But... why does this happen? Sometimes music composers submit their creations to third party services specialized in obtaining royalties. YouTube uses an algorithm that searches for videos that use content from these third party services and when it finds a match for the content, that service will monetize the video so the royalties go to the copyright holder. You can read more about this here.

If this happens to you, feel confident to appeal for your video. The music provided by the app is licensed and totally covered by your Pro subscription. After a few minutes of appealing your video should be reposted without any issues.

If after appealing your video is still being taken down, reach out to us through the app's Settings > Contact Support and we'll work with you to solve this issue.

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