If you go to the Profile screen you'll find some information about your account. You can also edit your profile or log out from your account on this screen.

Below your profile picture you can see the date when you created your account in the "Member Since" label, along a small purple badge if you have a PRO account. You can also see four badges that indicate some statistics about your account:

  • Snippets: The total amount of snippets you have across all your projects.
  • Longest Snippet Streak: The longest time span that you've been able to consecutively add snippets for each day in your main project*. It's your personal record of the videos you added uninterruptedly.
  • Current Snippet Streak: The amount of consecutive days you have opened the app and added a snippet to your main project*. This means that if you go 24 hours without opening the app to add a snippet, the counter will reset to 0, even if you do have a snippet for every day in your calendar or add one for a missed day later.
  • My Life Movie: The total duration of your video, obtained by adding the duration of every snippet across all your projects.

*Your main project is the one with most snippets.

Make sure to add your snippets actively during the same day so you don't lose your snippet streak!

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