If you look into your profile's details, you can find information about your account.


Tap on your Profile picture > Settings icon > Streaks.


Tap on the Settings icon > tap on your account.

You will see the date you created your account besides the "Member Since" label, along with a small badge if you have a Pro account. You will also see four badges that indicate some statistics about your account:

  • Snippets: The total amount of snippets you have across all your projects.

  • Longest Snippet Streak: The longest time that you've been able to consecutively add snippets for each day in your main project*. It's your record of the videos you added uninterruptedly.

  • Current Snippet Streak: The number of consecutive days you have opened the app and added a snippet to your main project*. If you go 24 hours without opening the app to add a snippet, the counter will reset to 0, even if you have a snippet for every day in your calendar or add one for a missed day later.

  • My Life Movie: Your video's total duration is obtained by adding every snippet's duration across all your projects.

*Your main project is the one with the most snippets.

Make sure to add your snippets actively every day so you don't lose your snippet streak!

πŸ‘€ You can also edit your profile or enable notifications. πŸ‘€

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