You can set daily reminders to make sure you add a video to your 1SE without missing a day.

On the iOS app

Tap on your profile photo in the home screen and then tap on the notification bell icon to access the Notification settings.

From here, you can turn on or off the "Daily Reminders" notifications and customize when and how they will trigger.

On the Android app

Go to the app's Settings (gear icon at the top right of the calendar) > Daily Reminders.

After you enable "Daily Reminders", you'll be able to select when to receive notifications: morning, afternoon, evening, or a custom time—you can have multiple reminders per day.

You can also choose what kind of reminders to receive: facts, inspiration, quotes, reminders, tips, or/and any custom message (you can select all of them).

Please note that if you've already added a second for a day before the scheduled time of your notification, you won't receive a reminder that day.

We've designed 14 consecutive days of reminders, so if you don't open the app in 14 days, you will stop receiving reminders.

A couple of tips:

  • If using an iPhone and its screen size doesn't allow you to see the entire notification message, but it supports 3D Touch—a long-press on the banner will show the complete text.

  • If you like a quote from the reminders and want to save it, reach out to us through the app's Settings > Contact Support and include some parts of it (if you don't remember the entire thing)—we can help you find it.

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