You can easily transfer your snippets from one device to another on iOS or Android by backing up your content to our servers.

If you have a Basic account, you've got access to a free backup, which means that you're able to create a security copy and restore the oldest 365 snippets of one of your Journal projects—a good option if you create yearly mashes and start over each year.

If you want to transfer more than a year's worth of snippets or all your projects, you'll need to subscribe to our Pro service—try it for 7 days for FREE! If you're already a Pro user, you're good to go!

Once you have a Pro account, you only need to create a full backup that contains all the snippets on your old device and restore from this backup to the new device.

Your Pro subscription will also be available on the new device once you sign in using your 1SE account.

💳 Learn more about billing when moving to a different platform. 💳

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