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How to Move to a New Phone
How to Move to a New Phone

Transferring your snippets from one device to another.

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You can easily transfer your snippets from one device to another on (iOS and Android) by backing up your content to our servers.

To ensure a seamless transfer experience, we offer unlimited backup as part of our Pro subscription plan. You can subscribe to this plan and take advantage of all its benefits. If you're already a Pro user, you're all set!

You can also subscribe to our Unlimited Backup plan at a lower cost than Pro which exclusively includes this feature.

Once you're on either plan, simply create a full backup containing all your snippets on your old device, and then restore this backup on the new device. This process ensures that all your snippets are efficiently transferred.

Moreover, your subscription will automatically be available on the new device once you sign in using your 1SE account.

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