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How to Use a Journal Project
How to Use a Journal Project

Just starting 1SE? Here's a quick intro to the journal project

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A Journal project is the original 1SE calendar project once known as a Timeline.

What's great about this kind of project is that it allows you to input at least one second every day on your calendar, and that second can be from a photo or video.

Generate one for each family member, one for your pet, one to keep track of a goal, and one for anything else you can think of; the possibilities are endless!

What's with the days with the teal line at the top?

You can tell if you have a video or photo for a calendar day because it shows a teal line at the top and a camera icon at the bottom. Tap on any of those days to see the content available to create your snippet.

TIP: You can grab a second from ANY video or photo on your device (no matter the date). Just tap on the day you want to add a snippet to and search your library.

Your calendar automatically expands as you use 1SE—growing with each new day!

🆓 Freestyle projects are great for trips, weddings, and DIY projects. 🆓

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