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How to Manage a Snippet

Replace, copy, edit, change the caption, make private, or delete a second? This has it all.

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In the project's grid view, tap on the thumbnail for the snippet you'd like to manage. While in the detail view, tap on the icon at the upper right-hand corner of the snippet thumbnail—this will bring up a menu with several options.


You'll have 3 options to choose from when sharing:

  • Save to Camera Roll - save the snippet in your Photos app

  • Create GIF - create a GIF out of your snippet and save it to your Photos app

  • Share - share the snippet


Replace the snippet with a different photo or video.

Post to Project

Gives you the option to copy the snippet into other 1SE projects.

Edit *

Opens the snippet editing screen so you can make changes to your snippet.

ℹ️ Please note that if you no longer have the source video of your snippet in your Camera Roll, you'll have limited editing capabilities. For example, you won't be able to change the portion of the video you selected to create your snippet or extend its duration.

Change caption

Allows you to add or change the snippet's caption.

Make Private or Make Visible

Mark a snippet private or visible (if it's set to private).


Delete the snippet from your project.

⚠️ Some of these actions are irreversible. ⚠️

*The option to edit snippets is only available in the iOS app at the moment.

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