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How To Use Context Menus
How To Use Context Menus

Quickly access different snippet actions within your projects.

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We've recently added context menus so you can easily access options like auto-fill a single day or copy a snippet to other projects.
The quick actions menu is accessible by doing tap and hold action on the following:

  • Empty date in your Journal

  • Date with an existing snippet in your Journal

  • Individual snippet on a given day

FYI: The actions and menus differ for each of the items above.

Empty date

  • Autofill: automatically fill with a photo/video that you've captured during the day

  • Previous empty date: move to an earlier date with no snippets

  • Back 1 month: navigate to 1 month ago

  • Back 1 year: navigate to 1 year ago

  • Go to date: navigate to a specific date.

Autofill quick action

Date with an existing snippet

Same actions to those on an empty date but with an additional option:

  • Mash: mash all the content in a selected day

Individual snippets

  • Share: share snippet

  • Replace: replace snippet with a new clip

  • Post to Project: copy the snippet into another project

  • Edit: quickly open the snippet editor

  • Change Caption: promptly change your snippet's caption

  • Make Private: make the snippet private

  • Delete: delete the snippet

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