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How to use Smart Fill
How to use Smart Fill

Smart-fill your snippets to get ahead with your 1SE project!

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Smart Fill is a way to quickly fill your days and get a jump start on your calendar. You'll have complete control and the ability to review snippets before adding them to your projects. Snippets you have already created will not be replaced when performing Smart Fill.

This functionality is only available on the iOS version of the app. For Android, use the Auto-Fill feature.

  1. Scroll to dates with a video camera icon on them and press the "Smart Fill" button at the top-right corner of the calendar screen.

  2. You can Smart Fill different months by scrolling through your calendar.

  3. Select the month or months you want Smart Fill.

  4. Tap on the "Show Preview" button to view the chosen snippets for each day.

  5. If you aren't happy with the selected snippets, you can tap on the "Edit" button to adjust the chosen snippets.

  6. Scroll through the different snippets in the "Edit Mode" section to choose which snippet to adjust.

    1. Swap: This will automatically swap to a different clip available for that day.

    2. Remove: This will remove the snippet from your selection.

    3. Adjust: You'll be able to adjust and edit the selected snippet.

  7. When you're happy with the edits, tap on the teal checkmark icon.

  8. Tap on the "Add to Project" button to complete the Smart Fill function and add all selected snippets to your project.

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