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How to Join 1SE Community Challenges
How to Join 1SE Community Challenges

Get involved and inspired by 1SE Community Themes

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Theme Challenges are a new way to get inspired and involved with the 1SE community.

If you're an old-school 1SE user, think of this as our new take on Crowds.

How to join:

  1. Tap on the bell icon to the right of your profile picture > enable "Rewinds and Themes" > then tap on "Notification Preferences" > and check the box for "Community Themes and Daily Prompts".

  2. Share and tag your content using #1SEme on social media platforms to put yourself in the running to be featured.

Every two weeks, we announce a new theme and share daily reminders to help you in case you get stuck.

*Notifications for Themes are currently available on our iOS app only.

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