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Why can't I open my friend's invite link?
Why can't I open my friend's invite link?

A friend sent me a link to become friends on 1SE, but it just opened the app when I clicked on it. Why is this?

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If you received a link to join Crowds, but all you can see when you tap on it is your app's home screen, please make sure you're using version 4.5.1 or above of the iOS app and that you've enabled Crowds.

This feature is not yet available in the Android app.

If you're an Android user, you can upvote this post: to let us know you'd like to see this in the app and to get updates about the status of that particular feature.

We are working on many great new features for our Android app. We have it on our roadmap, even though it will not be available in the next few updates.

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