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Freestyle vs. Freestyle Collab vs. Journal
Freestyle vs. Freestyle Collab vs. Journal

The difference between the three project types.

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Freestyle is great for vacations, projects, or those adventures that require a some freedom from the calendar. You can also press-n-hold-n-drag Freestyle snippets to rearrange the order of your snippets on the fly! Freestyle allows you to use any of the content in your camera roll, no matter the date.

Freestyle Collab is excellent to keep memories of your kids with your partner, to stay in touch with those who are apart, or as a keepsake of group adventures. Experience the Freestyle experience with up to six people, and only one needs to be a Pro subscriber!

Journal is the calendar project once known as a Timeline. What's great about this kind of project is that it allows you to input at least one second every day on your calendar, and that second can be from a photo or video. The camera icon in the days on your project's calendar represents days that you have content available in your camera roll for that specific date that can be used. This is the original 1 Second Everyday experience! ย 

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