Freestyle allows for unlimited 1 second snippets. Meaning you can create as many individual 1 second snippets as you want each day, regardless of the date. You can also press-n-hold-n-drag Freestyle snippets to rearrange the order of your snippets on the fly! Freestyle allows you to use any of the content in your camera roll, no matter the date. These types of projects are great for adventures you want to document that cannot be limited by one second everyday.

Our Timeline projects are for the purists that want the restriction of only being allowed to have 1 second each day. The camera icon in the days on your project's calendar represent days that you have content available in your camera roll for that specific date that can be used. This is the original One Second Everyday experience!  

FYI, if you have a PRO subscription, you can create as many projects as you want, either Freestyle or Timeline, by pressing the large "Add Project" button at the bottom of your projects menu.

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