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What's included in Pro?
What's included in Pro?

About our Pro Accounts

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When you subscribe to our Pro service, in addition to all the great features our app already offers, you get:

  • unlimited backup of all your projects,

  • the ability to create as many projects as you need,

  • music editor with access to royalty-free tracks,

  • music editor with access to your music library,

  • longer snippetsโ€”up to 10 seconds,

  • the option to add unlimited snippets to each day in your Journal projects,

  • the ability to remove the date stamps,

  • the possibility to remove 1SE branding from your mashed videos,

  • brightness and volume control of each of your snippets,

  • the option to add filters to your mashed videos (iOS only),

  • access to collaborate on Freestyle projects with friends,

  • the ability to share unlimited snippets per day to 1SE Crowds (iOS only),

  • priority support, and

  • all of our LOVE and APPRECIATION! ๐Ÿ’œ

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