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How To Create a Vertical Mashed Video
How To Create a Vertical Mashed Video

Create beautiful vertical mashes

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With our vertical mashing feature, you can mash your vertical snippets without having black bars to the sides. But don't worry! If you love capturing horizontal snippets, you can keep adding them to the app and create beautiful landscape videos as usual.

We added an "Orientation" button into the mashing screen—tap on it to switch between vertical or horizontal orientation.



In a vertical video, you can configure the dates you want to mash, the order in which your snippets play, include or exclude your private snippets, and see only your faves as you have always done.

* Please note that you can only create a completely horizontal or vertical video. If you have snippets of both orientations in the dates you're mashing, you'll see the black bars on the snippets that don't match the mashed video orientation.

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