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Inactivity and Account Deletion
Inactivity and Account Deletion

Why is my 1SE account being deleted?

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Your 1SE account is very important to us and is used to store all the precious memories in the form of seconds that you have created over time. That is why we want to make sure you have control over when your data is being erased from our servers. After 18 months of inactivity, 1SE accounts are scheduled for deletion.

To ensure that no data is lost unknowingly, we will reach out to you a month and a week before data erasure so you can decide to log back into the app and reactivate your account. To know which email address you're currently signed up with, please tap on your profile picture in the app.

Important Note: Once the inactive account is deleted from our servers, all your 1SE data in the app will remain untouched. However, data that isn't backed up may be lost if you delete the app.

We understand the importance of your 1SE data, so taking precautions to keep it safe is essential. If you use a different account, please enable auto backup to keep your 1SE data safe.

Contact us through the app's Settings > Contact Support if you have any questions.

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