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How to Take Up Less Space with 1SE
How to Take Up Less Space with 1SE

Running out of room on your phone? Try these steps.

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Working with HD video, even with just HD seconds, adds up. We understand not everyone has the largest iPhone out there and are constantly working on reducing the space 1SE takes up. Here is a handful of tips from the 1SE community.

Within the 1SE app

  1. Mash annually and delete that project. We recommend backing up your 1SE before doing this just in case!

  2. Delete the original videos you grabbed a second from. Your seconds in 1SE aren't connected to these original source videos.

  3. Be mindful of keeping a bunch of projects. Like Freestyles of trips or weddings. Mash those projects to have the video to share and remember, then delete the projects to save space.

Within your iPhone's settings

  1. There are some camera settings that can increase the size of your recorded videos. Using 120 fps on slo-mo videos, 4k at 30fps, or 1080p HD at 60ps, with your phone's camera will take up more space.

  2. Turn on Optimize iPhone Storage in the Photos & Camera settings to replace full-resolution photos and videos with optimized versions.

Please know we're working on improving our compression a bit, archiving snippets, and refining how we store files. 

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