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How to Delete Your Account
How to Delete Your Account

This article goes into how to request erasure of your personal data

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As an account owner, you can request to delete your personal information from 1SE. If you have a backup with 1SE, you may download your data as part of our Privacy Basics.

Delete your account on iOS

By going to your Profile menu > Settings (gear icon at the right) > "More Settings..." scrolling down and at the bottom, tapping on the "Delete Account" button.

Delete your account on Android

By going to your Profile menu > Settings (gear icon at the right) > "Account" > "Delete Account".

Please remember, deleting your account is final and will prevent some features within 1SE from working (like backup) but will not end your subscription. If you're using an iOS device, learn how to cancel your subscription here. For Android, check out this article.

What gets deleted?

Only the account owner can request deletion. Here's what's removed:

  • Full Name (if we have it)

  • Login email address

  • Login password

  • Email from all marketing lists

  • Profile Picture (if we have one)

  • All your backups (including snippets, journal entries, and other dailies)

  • All support emails, files, beta testing, and documents

What's not deleted?

We hold on to some data for legal purposes. Here's what's kept:

  • Acceptance of terms of service and privacy policy and date

  • Request for deletion

  • Completion of deletion

  • Email for account identification only (removed from all marketing)

  • Your local 1SE files on your device

  • Anonymous aggregated data

I've deleted my account by mistake. What can I do?

Deleting your account is final, so, unfortunately, you can't get it back. We do that for your security and to protect your private information.

If you've deleted your account by mistake or changed your mind, you'll need to register for a new one.

To learn more about how we handle personal data, security standards, and overall privacy policy, please check our Privacy Basics.

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