First, please make sure you have enough space on your device to make your video. Many factors go into play with the TOTAL amount of free space need. A good rule of thumb is that for a year of 1SE, you need to have around 3GB of space—the final file will be smaller, but our app needs space to build it.

On the iOS app

On the Android app

Step 1: Select to start a mash


While you're viewing your calendar, tap on the play button at the center of the tab bar—this opens the mashing screen. You can do this in a Timeline or Freestyle project.


While you're viewing your calendar, tap on the "Mash" button at the bottom. 

Step 2: Select the mash dates

There are several ways to mash a video. Week, Month, Year, and Custom. "Year" is selected by default.

TIP: Week, Month, and Year options allow you to mash preset periods easily. You can choose to mash the current and the previous week/month or any available year in the project.

You can choose to make a Custom video—this gives you the option to mash all the snippets in the project, a period or range of time, or arbitrary snippets.

To mash all the snippets in the project, tap "Select (All)."

To mash a period of time, press and drag your finger through the calendar.

To mash arbitrary snippets, individually select the snippets you'd like to include in your mash.

Tap on "Add to Mash" to save your custom selection.

Once you've decided on the length, you can also choose to have the video go forward or backward by tapping on the "Benjamin Button" setting. Forward is the default and most common way to do it. 

You can also choose the orientation of your video, to mash only your Faves, to include or exclude your private snippets, and if you have a PRO subscription, you can add music, remove the dates or remove branding. Finally, tap "Save & Share," and the app does the rest.

Step 3: Share your video

Once your video is mashed, you have the option to Share (iOS, Android) or Save (iOS, Android) your video. Keep in mind the mashing time depends on your device and the amount of snippets you're mashing.

As you can see, we give you the most popular social networks to share out your new 1SE video. 




TIP: You do NOT have to wait until the year is over to mash your video!  


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