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How To Manage Your Subscription
How To Manage Your Subscription

How to manage or change your subscription in 1SE

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On our iOS app, you can manage your Pro subscription or Unlimited Backup plan within the app by tapping the settings icon and tapping “Manage Subscription”.

Changing a subscription plan

From the Manage Subscription screen, tap “I want to change my subscription plan”.

This will show your current plan, and you can tap the other options to change your plan.

You can switch between these options:

1SE Pro

12 months (Annual Pro subscription)

One month (Monthly Pro subscription)

Unlimited Backup

One month (Monthly Unlimited Backup Plan)

Cancelling a subscription

From the Manage Subscription page, tap “How do I cancel my subscription?” to learn more about canceling your subscription on iOS.

Adding a reminder

You can add a reminder before your next subscription renewal by tapping "Add reminder before subscription renews". The App Store will then email you to remind you.

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