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Help! I'm not receiving daily reminders from the app
Help! I'm not receiving daily reminders from the app

1SE notifications are enabled and configured, but they don't come.

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You've enabled daily reminders from 1SE on your device, but you're still not receiving them?

Here's how our daily reminders currently work: 

  1. Notifications arrive at a random time within a time window.
    - Morning notification: 6am - 10am
    - Afternoon notification: 11am - 3pm
    - Evening: 4pm - 8pm

  2. Reminders are disabled when you've created at least one snippet for the day.
    For a given day, notifications are disabled as soon as there's at least one snippet created--this works globally over all timelines. i.e., Given three Journal projects, it's sufficient to have one video in one project (and the other two projects can remain empty) to disable a reminder for that day.
    Adding a clip to a day and then removing it, keeps the day marked for reminder-removal.

  3. Reminders don’t show up anymore after a period of inactivity.
    If you don't open the app for 14 consecutive days, reminder notifications stop.


For Android devices, check if battery optimization is enabled for the 1SE app. We've seen cases where all notifications are suppressed if 1SE app is enabled for battery optimization:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps.

  2. Tap the Menu icon then tap Special access.

  3. Tap Optimize battery usage.

  4. Tap the Dropdown menu then tap All.

  5. Look for the 1SE app and toggle it off (if it's turned on).

If, after checking with this logic, your notifications are not coming, please reach out to us from the app's Settings > Contact Support. We're happy to help!

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