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How do I change the app's icon?
How do I change the app's icon?

Change the 1SE app icon on iOS

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There's a hidden surprise in the iOS app that allows you to change the app's icon. To find it, scroll up until you see Today and keep scrolling up in a Journal project until the icons' screen shows up.

From there, you can select any icon that's available to you. The more snippets you add, the more icons you'll unlock!

We use the total sum of snippets you have added across all your Journal projects to unlock the icons. We do not consider snippets in Freestyles and Freestyle Collabs in this sum.

To reset the app's icon to the original one, open the icons' screen and tap on "Reset" at the top right.

Tip: You might have to restart your phone to see the icon change on your phone's home screen.

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