Common questions about our PRO subscription service

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What's included in Pro?
Is Pro available for Android?
Are you giving a discount for previously paid users?
I’m a poor student/single mom/aspiring musician and I love 1SE. Can I get hooked up with a discount?
Where can I purchase Pro and how much does it cost?
How do I start my Pro trial?
How does a free trial work?
I tried the trial before but didn’t get to really try it out, can I get another trial?
How to cancel the Pro free trial?
Can I pause my subscription?
How do I get a refund?
My payment isn't going through or my card isn't working. What's going on?
Am I being charged monthly/annually?
How do I back up all my projects?
Where is my data being stored?
How do I know you can keep my data safe?
What happens to my snippets if I cancel my subscription?
What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?
If I subscribe to Pro will I be able to recover my snippets?
How can I move my subscription from iOS to Android or vice versa?
Can I transfer my subscription to another account?
Can I share my 1SE videos with the stock music provided by the app?
Why is my 1SE video receiving copyright claims?
Why can't I use music from Spotify?
Can I add multiple songs to my mashed video?
If your prices increase, will I have to pay more to keep my Pro subscription?
Why can't I see backups I made months ago?