Using 1SE
How to guides on using the 1 Second Everyday app
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Getting Started
How to Move to a New Phone
How to Use a Freestyle Collab Project
How to Restore from a 1SE Backup
How to Perform a Free Backup with your Basic Account
How to Create a Project
How to Create a Snippet
How to Use the 1SE Camera
How to Change the Volume of Snippets
How to Create Longer Snippets
How To Create a Vertical Mashed Video
How to Manage a Snippet
How to Adjust the Brightness of Snippets
How To Rotate and Flip a Snippet
How to Select & Use Faves
How To Share a Snippet
How to Select & Use Faves With Multiple Snippets In A Day
How to Use a Journal Project
How to Add a Title to Your Snippets
How to Use a Freestyle Project
How to Edit & Delete Any Project
How to Choose the Dates to Mash
How to Create a Mashed Video
How to Add Music
How to Save a Mash
How to Share a Mashed Video
How to Remove Branding from Mashes
How To Make a Snippet Private
How to Reorder Snippets in a Day
How to Send a Large Video
How to Remove the Dates from your Mashed Video
How to Create Journal Entries
How to Export Journal Entries
How to Log Out from Your 1SE Account
How to Enable Daily Reminders